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KHPlanet E3 2014 Coverage

It’s that time of the year where  game developers, manufacturers, and game-lovers come together and have a good ole time: interviewing, playing demos, watching trailers, and showcasings. I’m talking E3 Expo 2014. KHPlanet will not be attending E3 2014, but we can still deliver you excellent coverage on what is going on at Square Enix’s […]

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Limited Edition

There is more Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX news besides the announcement of the box art. The, once Japan exclusive, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Limited edition has been announced for North America! With the release of Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMix- getting closer, it was unsure if North America would receive a limited edition version of […]

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!!

Hey Keybladers, Thanks to the Official site and one of our forum members DION. We have caught news that the official Kingdom Hearts 2.5 box art has been revealed.  The box art is illustrated by none-other-than Tetsuya Nomura himself. Like its predecessor, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is a HD remastered compilation of Kingdom Hearts 2 […]

Yoko Shimomura talks Kingdom Hearts Music

Music is very important when it comes to videogames. It provides a more rich and meaningful experience. With that being said, Kingdom Hearts has an excellent soundtrack, and it’s all thanks to Kingdom Hearts series music composer, Yoko Shimomura. Shimomura had her own special slot on Square Enix Presents, where she talks Kingdom Hearts and […]

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX Interview with Tai Yasuke

Square Enix is announcing news, games, and releases left and right at E3 2014. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX is no exception. An interview was held on Square Enix Presents, a coverage of everything Square Enix, and the special guest was none other than Tai Yasuke, Kingdom Hearts’s co-director. He was accompanied by Mat Kishimoto, […]

Kingdom Hearts 3 absent from E3 2014

I have devastating news regarding Kingdom Hearts and E3 2014! Ironically, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be absent from this year’s E3 Expo. If you recall from an earlier article that I published, Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2014, Hashimoto was rumored to have hinted at Kingdom Hearts 3‘s appearance at E3 2014. Well, in a Famitsu […]

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date / E3 2014 Trailer

We have exciting news! For those just tuning in, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix is a compilation and a HD remastering of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Re:Coded, and Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Now, that we are all count up. Let’s get right to it. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 release date for December 2nd 2014 in […]

New 2.5 Screenshots and Gilbert Voiceover as Iago!

  As we wait for the E3 2014 event, Gilbert Gottfried, famous for voicing Iago the parrot from Disney’s Aladdin, will return again for the next Kingdom Hearts title! In addition, Sony released new Kingdom Hearts 2.5 screenshots! Take a look! Last, but not least, there is also a summary text that comes with the […]

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2014

I highly predict that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be at E3 2014. If not, brand me a liar and feed me to the heartless. But jokes aside, for now, and more importantly for those who don’t know, E3 is an annually held expo where game publishers and accessory manufacturers display and unleash their gaming prowess.[1] It […]

Kairi: Useless or Not?

Kairi, the main female protagonist in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, is a character  we have all grew to love (or hate in some cases) has often been questioned about her relevance to the story. With some hardcore fans being pro Kairi , we find just as many fans being completely against the young Princess of […]

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