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Kairi: Useless or Not?

Kairi, the main female antagonist in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, is a character  we have all grew to love (or hate in some cases) has often been questioned about her relevance to the story. With some hardcore fans being pro Kairi , we find just as many fans being completely against the young Princess of [...]

KHPlanet Feedback: From YOU!

KHPlanet and its staff members try its very best to make the forum and main site to be as comfortable and enjoyable to ALL members and Kingdom Hearts or non-Kingdom Hearts gaming fans. That is why we, KHPlanet, would want to know what you want to see from KHPlanet and what else you would like [...]

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX BoxArt!!!

The much anticipated BoxArt of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX has arrived in the most dazzling BoxArt display yet. It’s true! The new artwork is splendid! Square Enix’s blog, Message from the KINGDOM, has updated itself with the BoxArt. Here’s the translation thanks to our friends at KHInsider! The product KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX [...]

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Confirmed for North America / Voicing Begins!

Jesse McCartney is known for a lot of things. He’s an actor, a songwriter, a singer, and even a voice actor. His relationship with Disney goes back 10 or so years with him producing numerous soundtracks. His importance with Kingdom Hearts is none other than the role of the beloved Roxas and Ventus. On his [...]

Famitsu Weekly Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Scans

In this week’s issue, Famitsu Weekly contains a 7-page spreadsheet of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix. Character renders, in-game scenes, and columns of informative material loiter the pages in an orderly structure. Don’t these scenes bring back nostalgia of your first Kingdom Hearts experience? Translations should be posted shortly.

Kingdom Hearts Formation & Play Art

Thanks to Hidemi Matsuzuka, we have Square-Enix images of various Kingdom Hearts 2 Figurines. Doesn’t the Timeless River Figurine look adorable? There are also Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Art in the form of Keyblades. All of which were displayed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Images are shown below!

Lightning Strikes As a Realm Reborn

LIGHTNING STRIKES!                   It has never been better! With the game yet to be announced this year to show the plot of Lighting waking up from her slumber to save the world in thirteen days, there are more pictures released by Square Enix!         [...]

New Site Update From KHPlanet

KHPlanet Forum: KHPlanet is very pleased to make this announcement. A couple of the sections now have been changed. The “Other Square Enix Games” section now have been added onto the site with “The World Ends With You”, “Dragon Quest”, and “General Square-Enix Games”. The “General RPG” section now became a subsection underneath the “Gaming” [...]

KHPlanet DeviantArt & Google +

KHPlanet is pleased to announce that we now have a DeviantArt group and a Google + group. Now socializing has gotten even better and you can get your news and even favorite artwork easily. To find us, simply click on the links below. KHPlanet Google+: KHPlanet Community Group: KHPlanet DeviantArt:  

Final Fantasy IV on iOS!

On December 20, Final Fantasy IV joined the list of Square Enix classics on the App Store, for $16 or £10.99. It is also scheduled to be released on Android in early 2013. In related news, the price of all Square Enix apps has been reduced by 30% from December 20 through January 4. This [...]

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