Kingdom Hearts X 2nd Anniversary UPDATE

Kingdom Hearts X will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary with many in-game prizes, treasure chests, login-in bonuses, quests, and more. Based on user ranking data, top ranking players (Hall of Famers) will receive a free

Kingdom Hearts Pages LIVE!

The staff here at Kingdom Hearts Planet have been working really hard to give you guides, lists, stats, and a mess of other things Kingdom Hearts related. So we’ve embarked on a series of Kingdom

Kingdom Hearts 3 Dengeki PlayStation Scans

Kingdom Hearts 3 has a 6-page sheet in Dengeki PlayStation, a Japanese gaming magazine. The scans include high resolution screenshots from our Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 footage as well as an interview with none-other-than Director

Kingdom Hearts 3 Famitsu Scans

Low and behold, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been featured in Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine. There are additional screenshots that we’re not shown in the Kingdom Hearts E3 footage and yet another interview from Director

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X at E3 2015

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was “officially” announced at E3 Expo 2015. Various screen play annotates the story of the Fortellers and the Book of Prophecies. We also are given a glimpse of the new badge

Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 has officially made an appearance at Square Enix Press Conference at E3 Expo with NEW content, NEW gameplay, and NEW information. Greg Coleman, Disney Animated Studios’ Vice President of World-wide Marketing and