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Kingdom Hearts 3 Dengeki PlayStation Scans

Kingdom Hearts 3 has a 6-page sheet in Dengeki PlayStation, a Japanese gaming magazine. The scans include high resolution screenshots from our Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 footage as well as an interview with none-other-than Director

Kingdom Hearts 3 Famitsu Scans

Low and behold, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been featured in Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine. There are additional screenshots that we’re not shown in the Kingdom Hearts E3 footage and yet another interview from Director

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X at E3 2015

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was “officially” announced at E3 Expo 2015. Various screen play annotates the story of the Fortellers and the Book of Prophecies. We also are given a glimpse of the new badge

Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 has officially made an appearance at Square Enix Press Conference at E3 Expo with NEW content, NEW gameplay, and NEW information. Greg Coleman, Disney Animated Studios’ Vice President of World-wide Marketing and

KHPlanet running XenForo 1.4

Our Kingdom Hearts Forum has officially switched forum software from VBulletin 3.8 to XenForo 1.4. VBulletin 3.8 was deprecated, outdated, and insecure. All the more reason to upgrade. Our current layout is the default layout

Flood Unversed Plush Doll

Who knew there was cute underneath all that sour?! Hidemi Matsuzuka, Square Enix Merchandising Manager, released a sample of the new Flood Unversed Plush Doll via his twitter account. No additional information is known at