Rumor: Could Kingdom Hearts III Be In Production? Versus XIII is “Cancelled”

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Despite six years of being in production, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is rumored to have been cancelled so what does this mean for Kingdom Hearts fans, especially Kingdom Hearts III?

Kingdom Hearts III

Firstly, Tetsuya Nomura has stated many times that after Versus XIII has been completed, Kingdom Hearts III will be in production (Shacknews). However, according to Kotaku‘s sources, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled so Kingdom Hearts III might be being worked on. This would come as no surprise because Dream Drop Distance is supposedly the lead up to Kingdom Hearts III and perhaps after the lackluster sales of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Square Enix decided to cancel Versus XIII. Kingdom Hearts III might finally be Square’s main priority.

In addition to that, IGN’s Ryan Clements, spoke to Tai Yasue (the co director of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance) and Yasue mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to be the next game in the series. Haven’t you noticed that in recent interviews, Nomura and Yasue have been mentioning Kingdom Hearts III more than Versus XIII? Both Kingdom Hearts development teams from Dream Drop Distance (Osaka) and the original Kingdom Hearts games (Tokyo) could be working on Kingdom Hearts 3. With Versus XIII’s possible cancellation and Dream Drop Distance going gold for all regions, what else can they be working on? All the signs point towards Kingdom Hearts III.

What do you think about this rumored move by Square Enix? Should they keep working on Final Fantasy: Versus XIII or finally get to work on the next true Kingdom Hearts numbered installment? Comment below!

Sources: Kotaku and Shacknews

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Whoa. That is a big shock. I wonder if this will push the other projects. Kingdom Hearts is getting popular lately and with the many remakes of the other Final Fantasy games, I am guessing that they MUST make the decision to make Versus XIII go into the backburner.



thats a fact

when kotaku makes a rumor you ignore it


Tweet in Japanese from Square CEO, WADA Youichi stating that contrary to false rumors, Versus is not going to canceled.


Just put up an article on that. Thanks for reminding me


Wow, you call yourself kingdom hearts fans. Have any of you seen the secret ending of birth by sleep final mix?
the next kingdom hearts in production is birth by sleep 2.


Actually, Tetsuya Nomura has stated many times that KH3 will be the next game in production. Birth By Sleep “Volume” 2 is coming out later.